“Part madcap picaresque, part nostalgic memoir, Anybody Any Minute takes on the regrets and readjustments of middle age, and delivers them with Julie Mars’ trademark humor and gutsy style.” 
     —Jennifer Egan, author of The Keep, Look at Me, and The Invisible Circus

“Readers will be thoroughly disarmed by Mars’ charming cast of characters including heroine Ellen, who brings to mind Lucille Ball. I highly recommend this entertaining, thought-provoking novel.”
     —Martha O’Connor, author of The Bitch Posse

Anybody Any Minute offers a sweet and funny meditation on the challenges of  ‘doing good and being love’ in modern America. Julie Mars and her main character, Ellen Kenny, remind us that sometimes we need to let go of the illusion of control in our lives in order to listen to the deeper wisdom of our dreams.”
     —Gayle Brandeis, author of Self Storage and The Book of Dead Birds

A “charming coming-of-middle-age novel from Mars.” The author "revels in her heroine's '60s-cum-New Age mentality." "...a hoot."
     —Kirkus Reviews

“Mars effectively navigates through the usual minefields of midlife regrets with her colorful and sympathetic characters. Funny and illuminating, this is a totally satisfying read.”
     —Library Journal (Starred Review)

“With each passing day, [Ellen] learns more about what matters in her life through her own marital and family struggles and the bonds she forms with her new neighbors.”

Anybody Any Minute is deep without being onerous, a beautifully told tale of how lives that may appear on the surface to be falling apart are actually falling into place.”
     —Ann Pyburn, Chronogram Magazine 

“Julie Mars' scenes with Ellen and her nephew are especially touching, as are those portraying the struggles between Ellen and her straight-laced husband. Her description of city and country life is colorful and evocative. Where does Ellen's search for her lost self end? Make her often charming and whimsical summer adventure a bit of yours and find out.”
     Robert Wolman, Albuquerque Journal 

“Julie Mars, author of the delightful A Month of Sundays, has written a remarkable novel about a woman’s midlife passage…[The main character] plants an organic garden, meets the local redneck-misfit characters, somehow acquires a dog, and solves more problems than you can shake a beer can at, all the while wondering if her marriage would ‘roll on, like an old stagecoach, or would it slow down and stop?’ This is a novel guaranteed to please—a perfect summer evening read.”
     —Ann LaFarge (The Independent Reader)

“I haven’t read such a fun and engaging book in ages. I found myself turning pages like crazy to keep up with Ellen’s madcap misadventures and ‘nervous breakthrough.’…The reader can’t lose with this one!
     —Deb Fowler (Roundtable Reviews)

“…a funny story with a very lovable heroine who tackles the issues of middle age and what happens when the world as you know it suddenly changes. Mars has a completely addictive way of writing that hooks the reader from the first to page to the last.”
     —Jessica Roberts (www.bookpleasures.com)

Anybody Any Minute is the kind of book you can read quickly in the airport or on the beach for pure entertainment, or more deeply, for the themes it illuminates. Julie Mars’ latest novel tows a wonderful line between humour, introspection, and powerful characterization.”
     —Maggie Ball (http://blogcritics.org)

"Julie Mars is to be commended for her fresh approach to midlife questioning and for the absolutely delightful cast of characters she has chosen to tell her tale. I love this book! I laughed. I pondered. I smiled. I wondered. Anybody Any Minute reveals the heart of human connectedness. Brava!"
     —Janie Franz (www.myshelf.com)

“This interesting character study looks deep at a disenchanted middle aged woman who finds her current secure life unsatisfactory and makes a whimsical spur of the moment decision to capture what she feels she lost...[A] fine look at a former hippie turned middle class trying to regain the idealism of her lost youth paradise.”
     —Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews

“Including a colorful cast of Upstate New York residents, Anybody Any Minute is a moving, hilarious tale of how one woman finds herself in the most unexpected place”
     —Strand Bookstore

Hilarious and touching, this novel offers a heartening version of the road ahead, as former hippie-chick Ellen finds a measure of peace and spiritual awakening on the way to middle age.
     —Amy Smith, The Tampa Tribune

Anybody Any Minute is a good one for a day in the sun with a frosty drink at hand.
     —Carolyn Cooke, Vancouver Courier