Set in the magnificent, stark desert landscape of Albuquerque, Mars’ third novel resonates with the lives of outwardly unsophisticated but inwardly complex, radiant characters travelling intersecting journeys…As Margaret and Rico dance around one another and attempt to avoid their personal demons, their stories flow in quietly rhythmic cadences of poignant writing, exquisite pacing, and deeply introspective, slice of life plotting that allows readers to easily slip in and enjoy.” 
     —Booklist (Starred Review)

…the overall effect is incantatory, transforming the hard-luck story of two ordinary people into something magical. An inspiring, offbeat story of an artist who trusts her instincts and finds herself regaining her life.
     —Kirkus Reviews

“This well-written novel with a Southwestern feel is about redeeming the wrongs of the past. This touching and absorbing story makes you wish for a sequel to see what the future holds for these likable characters.”
     —Library Journal

Mars taps a potent fantasy and writes prose that captures moments observed in close-up; she turns a smile into a reverie and then a kind of celebration. This makes the writing very poetic…Mars makes insightful observations on the nature of friendship and intimacy.
     —Publishers Weekly

“More than anything else, Rust is a novel about the slow passage of time, and Mars has an unparalleled gift for drawing out a moment, for filling a moment with meaning and poetry, for making time within a moment for what T.S. Eliot once called time for a hundred indecisions, a hundred visions and revisions. In the end, it’s humanity’s capacity for revision that makes Rust so moving, so true to life… and, while everything we have eventually turns to dust, the time we have, though certainly limited, is always ripe with potential. An excellent novel.  "
     —Marc Shuster, Small Press Reviews

“…a compulsive page-turner with sympathetic characters and tense, carefully-balanced plot…A superior piece of storytelling, this novel will pull you along with its tone, its perfect pace, and its emotional truth…. Look for it in February 2012 and pounce! 
     —Luke Sherwood, Basso Profundo

“Filled with rich imagery of land, art, and people, Julie Mars' Rust is a keenly observed and beautifully told tale of human relationships. The language is rich, backstory skillfully woven, dialog and motivation wholly believable and delightfully real. There's a rightness about the way the story progresses...”
     —Sheila Deeth, Cafe Libra

“I highly recommend Rust by Julie Mars. Rust is a beautifully written novel that will take readers on an inspirational, emotional, and satisfying adventure.”
     —Hartshope's Review, Goodreads First Reads