"The Secret Keepers reveals the motives of characters in such a well-crafted, juicy style that the reader becomes a voyeur.  Revelation is piled on revelation as we explore the depths and peer into the past lives of the characters.  The secrets revealed drive an extraordinary plot which is the web that binds the story.  It's a great read by a gifted storyteller."
     —Rudolfo Anaya, Award-winning author of Bless Me, Ultima, The Kiss of Life, and more.  

"The Secret Keepers is a gripping, beautifully plotted tale in which a riot of misunderstandings, failed connections and disembodied longings—all so characteristic of our time—yields, surprisingly, to a kind of redemption."
     —Jennifer Egan, Author of The Invisible Circus, Emerald City: Stories, and more.

"The Secret Keepers asserts itself like a bawdy promise—that life is triggered by the unexpected, and that desire, once set in motion, can't be stopped.  Beginning with the notion that we can't really know another human being, but that the possibilities for intimacy are endless, Mars gives free reign to some highly unpredictable characters.  Along the way, their tangled lives and secret motivations will surprise you, and keep you hoping that The Secret Keepers never ends."
     —Julie Shigekuni, Author of A Bridge Between Us.

"The Secret Keepers is an impressive debut.  Julie Mars is an insightful and descriptive writer with a sure sense of character and place.”
     —Judith Van Gieson, Author of the Neil Hamel mysteries and the Claire Reynier mysteries.

“atmospheric, taut, and psychologically rich…an unusually smart debut.”
     —Publishers Weekly

“THE SECRET KEEPERS  will be one of the year’s best books.  I encourage you to seek it out, if not for its literary merit, then for its powerful message of redemption.”
     —Ron Chapman, KUNM (Segment, which included author interview, was  picked up by four additional NPR member stations.)

"What makes Julie Mars' novel a winning tale for the audience is the way each key cast member tries to keep secrets from one another even as they unknowingly share so much.  This is a wonderful, wacky, and wild ride."
     —Harriet Klausner (Klausner's five-star review is featured on Internet Bookwatch, Amazon.com, BookWire, NewBookReviews.com, BarnesAndNoble.com, Borders.com, ReadersNdex and AlphaCraze.com. And as with many other five-star Klausner favorites, the book was featured on Bookwatch TV, WYOU-TV, Madison, WI.)

"THE SECRET KEEPERS is the latest book of literary suspense to capture Hollywood.  Should make a nifty flick."
     —Los Angeles Features Syndicate

“This debut novel starts out calmly enough, as if the author is driving a taxi slowly down a New York street, pointing out quirky neighborhood characters. Then, when the introductions are over, she puts the pedal to the metal, there’s a rush of acceleration and the ride gets fast and wild. The pages seem to turn of their own volition.”
     —Foreword Magazine

"An involving read, just what you need for those chilly, spooky jack o'lantern nights."
     —myprimetime.com (myprimetime.com includes THE SECRET KEEPERS in their fall reading guide, along with books by Margaret Atwood and Michael Chabon.)

“As spellbinding and entertaining as it is (not allowing the reader to take a break before finally finishing it off in one sitting) THE SECRET KEEPERS is also a familial/morality based tale with its heart poignantly set on the likelihood that we live in a world of redemption.”
     —The Daily Yomiuri.  (The Daily Yomiuri, an English language newspaper published in Tokyo, conducted a follow-up interview with Mars in a successive issue.)

“...the level of tension Mars maintains keeps the story suspenseful and entertaining....an all-around, satisfying read.”
     —PIF Magazine (pifmagazine.com)

"a spectacular story…a wonderful tale, drawing readers in from the beginning and leaving them wanting more."
     —Virginia Quarterly Review

"…an entertaining page-turner with depth."
     —Catskill Mountain Region Guide

"Mars writes in a crisp fast pace with many plot twists and turns.  The characters come to life with gritty humanity."
     —Albuquerque Journal

"Mars' prose is sharp as a razor, her observations dead on.  An intelligent thriller for intelligent readers."
     —Oregon Statesman Journal

“With authors like Mars, GreyCore Press is likely to make a big splash in the pond of small press publishing.  Readers will want to place a standing order for their books.”
     —Waycross Journal-Herald

 “[The characters] are delightfully human, original, and likely to stay with the reader long after the last page is devoured."
     —Miami Today

"Ms. Mars has turned what could have been a no-brainer into a fast paced suspenseful thriller that keeps us guessing…this is simply good fun as well as a promising debut."
     —Rapport Magazine

"THE SECRET KEEPERS will leave you wanting more, desperate to continue a journey that leaves you looking for those last few explanations."
     —Single Mom Magazine

"…edgy, dark and intelligent…the action escalates, the tension holds, …there may be an epiphany…and joy…at the end of the long and breath-holding chase that ends this fine novel.  Good going, Julie Mars."
     —Taconic Newspapers (NY: eight editions)

"This excellent first novel fooled me at first…As I got into [it] I couldn't put it down."
     —Easton Star Democrat (MD)

“GreyCore Press has the magic touch when it comes to signing writers that are destined for penning best-selling novels.  Mars has a delightful way to stimulate your gray cells.”
     —New Jersey Current

"I gobbled up this book, and when it ended I wanted to begin at the beginning again for the sheer pleasure of its breathtaking language and imagery.  Mars is a major new talent and GreyCore Press has made a most promising beginning."
     —The River Reporter (NY)

"Though the plot has more than enough twists and turns and suspense to hold our interest, it is the characters that make this wonderful novel."

"THE SECRET KEEPERS is more than just a human drama or crime novel. It delves into the murkiness of obsessive behavior and how detrimental the skewed observations from a person's past can be. With writers like Julie Mars in their stable, GreyCore Press is likely to become a front-runner in the world of small press publishing."
     —BVS Reviews

"…suspenseful and deftly crafted."
     —96 Inc.